I have eyes,
I see ruthless severe wickedness raining pang on everyone heart,

I have ears,
I hear sounds of an excruciating bullet that gush intense havoc screaming with agonizing gory,

I have a nose,
as I walk along the ground of anguish,
I smell the stench of fleshly being brutally murder by their fierce evil,

Not one, not two, not hundred,
but thousands soul lay lifeless on the breathless sands that inhabit the tears of their pain,

Look at her! she lies there bitterly crying,
deflower by the cruel anger they gush on her virginity,
she’s pregnant and the father of the toddler she carries on her back is the being that struck the knife on her daddy ‘s belly,

an orphan he is,
cloth with the shattered memory of the death of both caring lovers,
a future without the arms of his mother to hold him tight,
without the jokes from daddy’s story to make him laugh,
he wonders whether he would live to sing such tomorrow dirge,
as the storms of war keep booming every day,

bereaved confusion stumble his mind,
as he searches for his dead child,
found him amidst the bodies of lifeless children,
he carries him for one last time as he roars for life to fall on his only beloved son,

we ran to hide to escape the torture of their savage matchet,
they caught us and scream life viciously out of our soul,
he survives their violence but his face is distorted with woeful scars,

vanity they chase after,
the power they tussle to grip,
hate heightened their pride,
to any length, they go to satisfy their ambition,
they pour here on the masses,
they don’t sense the hurt in the skin of men,
their conscience seems dead to the cry of the orphan,

Defy hate now,
let our actions tell tomorrow that history wouldn’t scream aloud,
stop all the hate speech,
stop playing the drums of war,
let arise from all chambers of pride,
switch on the light of love,
play the flutes of peace,
come together and watch the beauty of unity.