Platform Africa is a not for profit, non-governmental organization ( 503/301) registered by the NGO board and Arua directorate of local services, propelled by passionate young people. Founded in 2017, in the refugee camps in northern Uganda and now gradually expanding to Yei, South Sudan.

The word Platform means, a raised level surface on which people or things can stand or be heard and the name was adopted by our founders to express the urgent need to raise space on which community issues could be addressed and, Platform(Africa) in totality, represents our goal to play a catalytic role in empowering young people in Africa by building their capacities.

Platform was started by self-trained open technology activists, peace builders, video makers, and community concerned enthusiastic young people with an aim to engage and empower their communities through the power of media, education, and technology to facilitate an equitable, informed and resilient societies

Subsequent to the war, successive drought and famine in South Sudan leading to mass displacement of up to 2+ millions of South Sudanese, as refugees and IDS, platform Africa was started timely as a response action with the purpose of engaging sustainable interventions to support communities in fragile regions in South Sudan and refugee camps in northern Uganda utilizing approaches intersecting peace and technology, we’ve been responding to issues of information poverty and access to credible information, skills development, peace-building, conflict mitigation, and reconciliation and critical capacity building for women and youth, tackling the after-effects of war in post-conflict

The Platform Africa supports the notions of sharing, openness and meaningful collaboration to accelerate development – Growing together.

We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and finding smart solutions to complex challenges faced by different communities

We take transparency, dependability and decision making, as foundational values in our efforts to serve humanity.

We capitalize on synergies to scale impacts and increase results, we greatly consider collaboration above competition.

We abide by principles of dynamism and inclusivity

We believe in talks through dialogues as a means of ending conflicting issues within our team and beyond