Fundraising is not only crucial in helping keep the momentum of our work but also building the required persistence to achieve our long term goals and vision given the fact that most of the changes we are rooting for will take some time to effect. In addition, we believe in fundraising as a unique opportunity to share the message of our cause and invite the people who align with it to own it, invest, and support it.


Donate your birthday

Instead of gifts, ask for donations to your #SupportingRefugees campaign.

Host a fundraiser in your home or office

Make a fundraiser where you invite your friends, family, and others to. Read our site to have a concrete understanding of our work or write to us for any specific information.

Give as a Corporate Partner

Does your company demonstrate a commitment to ensuring that displaced people have a chance at something tangible through training, quality education, and peace? Donate as a corporate partner. 


Do you want guidance or have questions about fundraising? we are here to help, our team is willing to provide information, graphics designs, and timely support. Contact us at

Thank you for supporting us!